free workshop for women who've lost their spark in the day to day of life & business

A free workshop to rediscover your spark!

Perhaps you're not feeling like you right now?

Or maybe you've lost your sense of purpose as the world changes yet again?

Join me to learn how to find your missing spark as we courageously explore:

- super simple exercises to (re)discover what lights you up

- the tools I use to tap into what's missing right now

- my favourite way to start shifting self-doubt out of the way!

Live Webinar

September 14, 2021
7:00pm Greenwich Mean Time


  • Free downloadable workbook
  • The opportunity to ask questions in a live Q&A
  • A warm safe place to share, or simply listen

Hosted by Sarah Lynas

Hello you.

It's so easy to lose your spark in the day to day of life or business, especially if you're a mum who's used to putting everyone else first.

I'm Sarah, a courage & clarity coach for mid-life women with self-doubt. Through gentle guidance & courageous nudging, I help my clients to find that all-important spark, create their ideal vision... then make it a reality!

"working with Sarah is like getting the green light to go ahead when you've been stuck on red for years"


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