I'm talking about core strength today

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Hello you, let me get right to it and ask you... how is your core strength?

I’m not talking about the kind you get from sit ups or crunches.

I’m talking about the kind you get from a cultivating a deep and lasting belief in YOURSELF.

Last week I delivered one of the Boost Lancashire Resilience Sessions* and it really got me thinking...

The session was, unsurprisingly if you know my work, all about self belief, self-esteem and self-worth. And how each of these contributes to the core strength that we need in order to make decisions, carry out our plans and achieve our vision. Oh, and feel like a generally happy, balanced human!

Of course, as I was writing and delivering this workshop, I reflected a lot on my own journey to where I am now, noticing that five years ago if someone asked me to deliver a workshop for them, I would not have had the self-belief to say yes. I would have turned down the opportunity, feeling somehow less-than, knowing that any number of people could do a better job than me, AND beating myself up for not being brave enough to even say yes. All of that would have left me feeling a ton worse than I'd have felt before the workshop idea was even mentioned...

Maybe you've had moments like this too Reader, just wishing you felt you were enough to say yes to that dream opportunity, to speak up, or to make decisions based on what YOU want, not what everyone around you thinks you should do... you're definitely not alone. I hear this often in my clients (and sometimes in me, it hasn't entirely gone!) and I've got really good at helping people to shift their self-doubt and get out of their way #notshowingoff

My reflection turned to checking in with what it is that's changed for me in the last few years, for example being coached through my own limiting beliefs, leaning into gratitude and building my own self-awareness.

Honestly, knowing who I am, and what I want, has been one of the most empowering parts of this journey. Knowing what to say yes to, and what to turn down, for the right reasons.

In the session, I shared some of my favourite tools for building that sense of you, that deep core strength. If you've been reading my letters for a while, you may already be practicing some of these (yay!) or you might be ready for a nudge to try them again right now. Ready? Here's my top three for today...

  • Look for the good stuff - really notice what you do well. This takes practice if you're already noticing all the stuff that goes wrong, so be patient and keep practicing! I've said it before and I'll say it again... it's not bragging if you've done it. Yes, we're told that 'no one likes a show off' but this is not showing off, it's noticing facts. So, notice the compliments, believe the testimonials, write them down and cherish them. I do, every single one!
  • Embrace who you are right now - ok, you're probably on a journey of self-improvement, and there are things on your wish-list (better exercise routine and not snapping when I'm tired; both on my list!) however, that shouldn't stop you loving who you are today. You are wonderful as you are, don't let feedback or reflection tell you otherwise.
  • Discover your value as a WHOLE human - too many of us value ourselves on how we earn money, or how much money we earn... we are all so much more than that, and I shared some more thoughts in this blog, along with my Circle of Self-Worth tool, so that you can figure out just how much value you really have.

I'll leave you with those thoughts for now - thank you for reading and as ever, do reply with any questions or thoughts, it fills me with joy to read your replies 🙏

Have a wonderful week, stay safe in the storms and I’ll be back in your inbox soon :)

With love,

Sarah x

* there are more free places on the Boost Resilience webinars, hosted by the brilliant Rachel Kay, just here

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