💫 what if 'missing-out' became 'opportunity'?

publishedabout 2 years ago
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This week Reader I'm thinking a lot about missing out.

About that feeling we've probably all carried from school of not being in the 'in-crowd', of not going to the right places, of not hearing all the cool gossip...

You might remember me writing about missing-out just recently when my introverted teen shared his "fun" fair story with me and it's something I talk about with clients a lot too; what does it mean, what does it tell us and how can we think about it differently.

Often, for me, it's social media that brings up the feelings of being out of the loop... of course, it's designed this way; what if I miss out on clients? what if I miss out on a friend's big news? what if I'm not in the right group with the right people? Is it me, or does all that sound like scarcity and fear? Missing out sounds like a gap, a loss... but it's just words, so...

🤔 What if, instead, if felt like an opening, an opportunity?

🤔 What if 'choice' is the answer?

🤔 What if, first of all, you choose what YOU want to do, feel, be? And then YOU know that when the fair is next in town, it could be an opportunity to take time out whilst others are out of your hair, taking their opportunity to seek out some noisy adrenaline?!

There are a few reasons why all this is in my mind to share today... I'll expand on this one--> I'd been thinking about slowing down between now and the new year, cutting right back on marketing* and not taking on new clients until mid January (whilst acknowledging that not everyone has the opportunity to do this)... and then I got so many missing-out feelings! Eek, what if I missed out on work, what if I lost followers, what if...

It was chatting this morning with a friend which got me thinking about it the other way around; what opportunities could arrive if I make this choice, create this space? (and also, what will I miss-out on if I don't make this choice?)

So, what am I choosing for the rest of this year? Here's what I'll be up to, and how you can work with me...

🌟Vision board workshop at my home near Clitheroe, Saturday 27th November, there are still spaces available! 12-4pm, includes lunch and fizz, alpacas and everything you need to make your 2022 vision / dream / action board 🌟 you'll not be missing out if you don't come, you'll be taking the opportunity to do something wonderful with your Saturday and if you want a vision board, you'll make one when you're ready.

🌟My Advent Calendar - you loved this so much last year that I'm offering it again for 2021 - if you're new to coaching, this is a great way to experience just how powerful it can be, simply pick your advent door, 1st-24th December! It's also the best way to get an hour with me for half my usual rate, eg. if you're thinking about working with me next year 😘 you'll not be missing out if you don't grab an hour in December, there are always other opportunities to try out coaching, with me or someone else, you'll do it when it's right for you.

🌟Sharing by email - you're already signed up 😃 and if you'd like to share with a friend, forward this and let them know they can sign up right here... you'll not be missing out if you don't read my letters, you'll be taking the opportunity to read something else or, just do nothing for five minutes.

🌟One to one cosy chats over a cup of tea, with lovely people who boost my energy 🙏 you'll not be missing out if you don't have a brew with me before Christmas, if we're meant to meet & natter, it'll happen!

And what am I missing out on choosing not to do?

I'm choosing not to feel any pressure to be on social media.

I'm choosing not to start work with any new clients before January (although if you're ready to talk about 1-1 or accountability starting mid-January onwards, it's very likely you're my kind of person and so you can book a no-strings virtual brew just here)

I'm choosing to seriously limit the group events I go to, online or for real.

How about you?

Hit reply to tell me what you're choosing & not choosing for the rest of 2021, I love reading your emails :)

*and when I am marketing, I'm thinking lots about how Karen at Goodness Marketing encourages me (and all of us) to do it in a feel-good, ethical way, with zero scarcity or hustle.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back in your inbox soon :)

With love,

Sarah x

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